Our Staff

Our horticultural staff at The Potted Garden have years of training and experience, both theoretical and practical, enabling them to offer you expert gardening and plant care advice.

Within the team we have other talented people too and you’ll probably recognise their faces if you’re a regular visitor. Below you will find the profiles of some of them.



I started in horticulture over thirty years ago working in a garden centre before going on to Hadlow College. There I studied for a National Certificate in Horticulture. I then worked at a large wholesale nursery for two and a half years gaining experience in the commercial production of trees and shrubs before joining The Potted Garden in 1992.

At The Potted Garden I am the Nursery Manager and my role involves organising the day-to-day tasks, plant production, some purchasing and serving our customers.

My strengths are plant identification, pest and disease diagnosis and assisting customers with their purchases and plant problems.


I started work at East Malling Research Station over 40 years ago doing a three year apprenticeship where I gained various qualifications in top and soft fruit production and pruning while I worked with the scientists.

I started at The Potted Garden in 2000.

I help customers and I’m responsible for taking care of the ornamental trees and top and soft fruit.

My strengths in work terms are being able to help customers with pruning techniques on fruit trees, apple identification, other fruit related problems and pest control.




I started at The Potted Garden in 2012, after having spent my whole working career in horticulture, growing plants and retailing them. I’ve done various courses over the years and was Kent ATB Apprentice of the year in 1984. Methods of plant propagation is one of my strong points.

One of my jobs at the Potted Garden is as the outdoor Displays Manager, making your visit to the Potted Garden a pleasant one, putting together plants that would look good in your garden at certain times of the year.


Originally from a technical background in computing, and later in the food industry, my work has always been strongly customer focused. Satisfied that these career paths were not for me, I made the decision to embrace what has been a growing interest of mine for a very long time; horticulture. Always keen to be outdoors, and naturally curious and observant about the plants and animals around me, it seemed like an obvious choice. Although not formally qualified in the field, such is my fascination with nature that I learn partly from my own observation of working with plants, and my own research. I also have the luxury of being surrounded by knowledgeable professionals in the trade, and exceptionally keen gardeners in my family.

What drives my enthusiasm in this line of work is the realisation of just how crucially important it is to support the ever-decreasing ecosystem that we all depend upon! And to inspire everyone lucky enough to have a garden, to enrich and enliven that space to become a sustaining habitat for wildlife. And of course, for us ourselves to enjoy the beauty that we can bring into our outdoor spaces.

Here on the nursery I look after the plants, but also have the privilege of tending the wildlife garden. Ensuring the birds always have a ready supply of appropriate food. Monitoring them helps me to know what to order for the shop, and how best to advise customers on choosing from the many different feeds and products. I am also very proud to have successfully helped rear and care for a family of wild ducks, two years running, from hatch-lings to full flight.




After many years of working in retail and then being stuck in front of a computer screen, I had the opportunity to work outside and rekindle my love of plants and gardening by joining The Potted Garden in 2004 as a member of the seasonal team, soon I was potting everything from a tiny plug plant to a 7 foot fruit tree!

Although I’ve no horticultural training, I’ve gained lots of knowledge from working with the permanent team in their various departments assisting with the familiar jobs such as re-potting, pruning, deadheading and of course, watering. My duties include helping customers with their plant choices, composts and as the Sundries Supervisor I can show you the right product to erase pesky pests, diseases and weeds, tool selection and the correct food for the right plant. I’m also happy to help to choose that perfect plant or gift for a special occasion.

On days off I enjoy visiting gardens and like to see how old favourites and new varieties alike are being used in the beds and borders and I may have “ borrowed” a good idea or two to use in my own garden! It’s a great feeling to see a plant you’ve nurtured grow into a colourful specimen, or better still, something edible!


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